The Karpniki Castle is located at the foot of the Falcon Mountains (Góry Sokole). It is surrounded by a medieval moat and park. In the neighborhood there are numerous ponds that are visited by many interesting bird species.

One of the legends says that the castle was built by the Templars. In the 15th and the 16th centuries the castle belonged to the Schaffgotsch family, one of the most powerful families in Silesia. Prince Wilhelm von Hohenzollern bought the palace in Karpniki in 1822.

At the invitation of the prince in 1832, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, a co-designer of the reconstruction of the palace came to Karpniki. Modernization of the palace was started in 1844. The result was the creation of a neo-Gothic three-storey palace surrounded by a moat and a stone arch bridge. During the reconstruction, a characteristic lookout tower was created. At the main entrance there were once two cannons that were a gift for Prince Waldemar from the Governor General in India and a stone block from St. Helena's Island, on which Napoleon sat when in exile. After the death of Prince Wilhelm in 1851, Karpniki became the property of his daughters: Elizabeth and Mary - the wife of the king of Bavaria. From that time until 1945, the Hessian flag fluttered on the tower of the Karpniki palace. During the World War II Günther Grundmann created a museum storehouse in the Karpniki palace, where there were collections stored from countries occupied by the Germans. In 1943-45, collections belonging to the Berlin State Library were also kept here. At the end of the war, the castle collections were partially removed, many went missing or were stolen, and the castle stood empty.

Currently, the castle is a high-class hotel, outstanding among other hotels because of its beautiful interiors and historical appearance. There is a restaurant serving Polish and international cuisine.
Thanks to its authenticity, historical atmosphere and beautiful location, the Karpniki Castle is a must-see when visiting the Valley of Palaces and Gardens. The surrounding park is ideal for walks.

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