Sights in the Mysłakowice administrative district

Palaces, castles, gardens and other tourist sights in the Mysłakowice administrative district as seen from above the ground
Neo-Gothic palace with an octagonal, 30-metre tower, from where you can see the Karkonosze Mountains.
Two carefully restored monuments – one of the greatest attractions of the Valley of Palaces and Gardens.
Delightful palace with masterful architecture and an English-style park with an area of approx. 16 ha.
A magnificent scenic park, founded by Prussian Count Frederic Wilhelm von Reden at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.
The interior design is based on English architecture patterns. Today, the headquarters of the Association of Karkonosze District Areas (Związek Gmin Karkonoskich).
The castle has been rebuilt many times to achieve its neo-Gothic appearance. Today it has been adapted for a hotel that stands out for its faithfully restored interiors.
With the two highest peaks – Krzyżna Góra and Sokolik, they are located in the vicinity of Mysłakowice and constitute the most popular part of the Rudawy Janowickie.
Góry Sokole
Pałac Łomnica
Pałac Wojanów
Zamek Karpniki
Pałac Królewski Mysłakowice
Góry Sokole, Szwajcarka

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Pałac Królewski w Mysłakowicach: 50.844701, 15.779587
Pałac Wojanów: 50.875583, 15.813853
Park krajobrazowy w Bukowcu: 50.826128, 15.812931
Pałac w Bukowcu: 50.824020, 15.814970
Zamek Karpniki: 50.846885, 15.849919
Góry Sokole: 50.867809, 15.866126
Pałac i Dom Wdowy Łomnica: 50.876773, 15.808511

Full of history and charm, places that are part of the Valley of Palaces and Gardens

Places that have been loved by tourists and of which our local community is proud.

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