The palace in Wojanów lies at the foot of the Falcon Mountains (Góry Sokole) and the Karpniki Hills.

The Von Zedlitz family was the owner of the village for many years. In 1831 the estate and the palace were purchased by the secret justice counselor Karl Albrecht Ike, who then sold it to King Frederick William III. The Prussian King gave it as a gift to his daughter, Princess Louise, wife of Prince Frederick of Netherland. At her request the palace was rebuilt, and many neo-Gothic elements were added to it. The entire work was probably entrusted to the builder Hermann Heinrich Wentzel. As in the case of other buildings, the reconstruction was limited to the introduction of characteristic architectural details. These details made the palace appear medieval from a distance. The appearance of the palace from this period was described in the letters of Luiza Radziwiłł, the spouse of the governor of the Grand Duchy of Poznań. The design of the surrounding park was entrusted to Peter Joseph Lenné, the Director of the Royal Gardens. The entire park assignment was closely related to the viewing axis of the palace. Next to the terrace there was a pond, a river wound nearby with a romantic walking route. Several dozen plant species and a group of shrubs and individual trees were planted around, among which the romantic shapes of the building emerged. It is clear from the records of that time that a picturesque panorama of the Karkonosze Mountains and Rudawy Janowickie could be viewed from the park and the palace area. The palace residence in Wojanów was owned by the royal family until 1908. Then it was sold together with its neighboring buildings.

Currently, the palace in Wojanów is in private hands and it has functioned as a hotel and restaurant since 2007. In front of the palace is a courtyard with a decorated fountain and 18th-century farm buildings. These include a stable, outbuilding, granary, cowshed and barn, which currently serve as a hotel and restaurant. A large park with an area of ​​approximately 16 hectares with numerous walking paths adjoins the palace from the southern side.

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Pałac Królewski w Mysłakowicach: 50.844701, 15.779587
Park krajobrazowy w Bukowcu: 50.826128, 15.812931
Pałac w Bukowcu: 50.824020, 15.814970
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Góry Sokole: 50.867809, 15.866126
Pałac i Dom Wdowy Łomnica: 50.876773, 15.808511
Obiekt: Pałac Wojanów: 50.875690, 15.814133

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