The biggest attraction of Bukowiec is the magnificent scenic park, founded by a Prussian Count Frederic Wilhelm von Reden at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Tea House, called the Temple of Athena, is one of the many preserved monuments decorating the park. The building was erected in 1804, modeled on the Greek temple and was a gift for Countess von Reden. It is situated on a hill, from where there is a spectacular view of Śnieżka and the Karkonosze ridge. The Tea House is now a showpiece of the Park.

Another attraction worth seeing is the Gardener's House that was erected in 1797 and was the first building in the park. Its attracts visitors with the interesting shape of the roof of the building. From the Tea House and the Gardener’s House there is a road that leads to the Lookout Tower, also called The Watchtower (Strażnica). From the top of the tower one can admire a magnificent panorama from the Karkonosze Mountains to Rudawy Janowickie. Entrance to the tower is possible throughout the whole year.

Not far from the slopes of the Mrowiec mountain there are ruins of a neo-Gothic building called the Abbey. It was created as a garden pavilion and in 1815 it was transformed into a mausoleum. From this elevation, there is a view of the Kąpielnik pond, where one can sail on a boat. Near the park there is a farm complex created at the beginning of the 19th century. The farm consists of a former brewery, a board building, a barn and a horseshoe building. In the Barn there is a cafe with a small shop offering regional products. Artistic events are organized there. In the building of the former Brewery, the "Mysterious Forest" museum was opened, presenting the natural richness of the Jelenia Góra Valley and its hunting history.

The park and the farm in Bukowiec are a perfect place to spend time in both the heart of nature and in the surroundings of unusual architecture. A number of cultural and educational events are organized in the area. The park is open to the public, and it is possible to visit it with a guide.

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Pałac Królewski w Mysłakowicach: 50.844701, 15.779587
Pałac Wojanów: 50.875583, 15.813853
Pałac w Bukowcu: 50.824020, 15.814970
Zamek Karpniki: 50.846885, 15.849919
Góry Sokole: 50.867809, 15.866126
Pałac i Dom Wdowy Łomnica: 50.876773, 15.808511
Obiekt: Park Fowark w Bukowcu: 50.825268, 15.812845

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