The Royal Palace is situated in Mysłakowice, a town located between the hills in the Łomnica and Karpniki area. Since the beginning of the existence of the town, its owners have changed very often.

In 1816 field marshal August Neidhard von Gneisenau became the owner of the estate. In 1832 the palace, together with the surrounding areas, was purchased by the King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm III of the Hohenzollern family for his summer residence. In the 19th century, the palace was thoroughly rebuilt, an Evangelical church, Villa Liegnitz, Zedlitz and Rother’s were built, as well as a hotel, a hospital and a linen factory, and an English-style park was established.

In 1836, the Royal Garden Director Peter Joseph Lenne and his students created one of the most beautiful scenic parks in Silesia. On its viewing axis towards the highest peak of the Karkonosze Mountains, Śnieżka, there is a parish church designed by Schinkel. The Parish Church building was commissioned by Frederick William II for religious refugees from Tyrol. The front part of the church contained a small porch supported by ancient columns from Pompeii, donated by the king of Naples to Wilhelm III. Nearly 170 rare plants were planted in the immediate vicinity of the park and the palace, fountains were installed, and numerous avenues were created. One of the largest decorations of the park was a pond with an island and floating swans. Particularly noteworthy was the unusual gate set on the shore of the pond made from the jaws of the Greenland whale with a height of 6m. Today, the exhibit can be viewed in the gallery of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Mysłakowice. The present appearance differs significantly from the original of the 1950s. The decorated balcony surrounding the building was removed, as well as the entrance and stairs from the park side.

After the end of the World War I, the palace belonged to the Rudolf family until 1945. After the World War II, for a short period it was a residence of the Red Army. From 1951 till today, it houses a Primary School. Currently, the part of the facade of the royal residence with the characteristic rustication of numerous window sills has been lost, the historic layout of the rooms and the decor have also changed, of which only a few elements are still visible today.

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Pałac Wojanów: 50.875583, 15.813853
Park krajobrazowy w Bukowcu: 50.826128, 15.812931
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Pałac i Dom Wdowy Łomnica: 50.876773, 15.808511
Obiekt: Pałac Królewski w Mysłakowicach: 50.844701, 15.779587

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